Purchasing Clothes Wholesale in Hialeah? Know About Its Street Style First


Florida is known globally for its beaches and beach parties. But surprisingly, the fashion trends in the city of Hialeah don’t complement this popular belief towards this state. One might think- at least the rookie buyers of clothes wholesale in Hialeah - that casual wears like shorts, capris, tees and vests would be the very popular street style here; but that’s not all very true.

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The street style in this city is blend of formal and informal flavor. Here are three of the very popular clothing items that you- a small business- should bulk up when buying from top wholesale apparel distributors in Hialeah-  

Dark color flannel shirts- Like the rest of the world, even this city cannot get enough of flannel shirts. Mostly preferred by men paired up with fitting cotton pants or Bermuda shorts, dark color combination flannel shirts are very much in demands; like Red-Black gingham check shirts or those blue-black tartan check ones.

‘Little black dress’- Not necessarily black, but bulking up short dresses from any apparel wholesaler in Hialeah can pay you off well. These dresses are simple but very beautiful. Their length varies and so do their colors- mostly in dark. Their simplicity makes them perfect for casual wear, as well suitable for any formal occasion.

Formal suits- The recent trend suggests that people in Hialeah have seemed to turned into Barney Stinson’s fans- always suited up; and might we say, they look legendary (no pun intended). Plain colored- mostly dark- shawl and notched-collar suits has peaked up high in demand; paired perfectly with cotton trousers, and even capris.

These items might look like an unlikely choice for a city in Florida, but the recent trend shows people rooting to them to make their street fashion statement. So when you’re purchasing your bulk from top apparel suppliers in Hialeah, make sure to stock them up.

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