Wednesday, 18 May 2016

4 Types of Tennis Clothes to Buy

Over a few decades, tennis clothes have gone through evolution and are definitely stronger, better and much more stylish today. The outfits for tennis players these days are a perfect mix of style and practicality, and are designed to enhance the performance. Read and know about 4 types of wholesale tennis clothes that you should consider buying for the customers of your clothing store.
Wholesale Tennis Clothes

Tennis Shirts

These are available in varied fabrics, although it is sensible to go with the ones which are made in a blend of cotton and synthetic. While 100% cotton shirts are light in weight and breathable in form, these are able to soak moisture and make wearers feel comfy all the while they play. Tennis shirts should ideally be moisture-wicking and breathable in form.

Tennis Skirts

Skirts of proper fit and length have to be chosen for tennis playing. These skirts are available in many different versions, and actually serve as counterparts in women for tennis shorts which are used by men. There are various types of tennis skirts which can come with splits going down the side or may come with pleats. These can easily be purchased from tennis clothes wholesale suppliers.
Tennis Clothes Wholesale
Tennis Headbands
Tennis headbands are very important for playing tennis, and these are very useful for soaking up sweat from the head. These help prevent sweat from going into the eyes and disturbing the vision, making it easier to see the ball while playing the game.

Tennis Shorts
These are short and stop at the thighs, in order to allow free movement of the legs and allow easy air-drying of sweat on the lower extremities. These are made of lightweight, breathable and comfortable fabrics such as cotton. You can easily buy these shorts from wholesale tennis clothing distributors, and reduce your purchase expenses.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Look What's Made Its Way To Men's Clothing!

Men's fashion has broken free of the pre established stereotypes and we couldn't love the nascent quirky freshness of the clothing options any more than this! While it is true that the ramp and the glossy pages had been flaunting these styles from way too long ago, of late, general people are actually introducing these options to their everyday wardrobe. Take a look at the otherwise quirky styles that are sure to become common by the next half a decade.

Pink – Light hint of pink has been very common in formal shirts and party shirts in pure cotton and silk. Men's clothing suppliers from the world over often obsess about these options. But we are now talking about hot pink, fuchsia and rose-flush in denims, shorts, cotton trousers and even checkered golf pants. Many may reel in horror, but if you take a closer look, it actually appears stunning! You will need to carry your confidence as your accessory though.
Men's Clothing Distributors

Sequins – Sequined dress coats, tuxedos and stage wear has been quite common since decades past. However, sequins in T shirts, lifestyle pants and even shoes for that matter could get a little too much to digest. More and more men are falling in love with sequins provided; they are used sensibly in the fabric. Silver, gold, black and red happen to be the top favorites at this moment.

Floral Prints and Crochet – Paisley has been a much cherished favorite among many men for decades together. Floral prints though have a different story to tell. Floral prints, though existent may not be prevalent in comparison with stripes, checks, bold colors or even geometric / asymmetric prints for that matter. All thanks to the fashion experts though, men-compatible floral prints have been designed and loved by the prospective wearers thereafter.