Recapitulating The Top 6 Pieces of 2017 so Far


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It is already July, which means that half the year is gone. The past six months have been eventful, to say the least. With massive changes taking place in the world scenario, the fashion circuit too went through some changes. Some of them were colossal enough, while some just passed. While the majority of the fashion scenes were ruled by an improved version of the old trends, the comeback of certain pieces proved that old will always be gold. Taking a look at the trends that made their way in, here is reminiscing the six trends. One trend for one month!

Kimono trench coats

The modern trench coat blended with the Japanese traditional wear kimono gave the world a unique cloth to wear- the kimono trench coats. Usually featured in mono colors, the kimono trench coats became a trend of the summer with their breezy style and flowy pattern. The sleeves though became a high point for the piece as their use was more fashion and less functional, but stylish nonetheless.

Shirt dresses

Manufacturers who specialize in wholesale clothing Las Vegas were careful to introduce these pieces in their clothing collection. But the kind of response they received was overwhelming for both the designers and manufacturers alike. The long t-shirt worn like a dress with a statement belt to add definition to the silhouette was something that could not skip the eyes of the enthusiasts and this particular shirt dress became the ‘it’ item for spring/summer.

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Everything denim

Denims were once extremely popular, but something happened in general and they disappeared from the fashion scene for some time. But last year they made a stellar comeback and since then, there has been no stopping them. They have continued to retain their position at the top with the similar panache and flamboyance. Shirts, pants (obviously!), jackets and skirts are some of the common ventures that the denim usually made this year.

Everything sporty

More of a trend that a fashion piece; athleisure has continued to rain at large since their retaliation in 2015. They use of sport apparels as casual substitutes or vice versa has been doing pretty well with the fashion forward millennial who want the best of both worlds. From jerseys to leggings, every sporty wear on the planet has been reigning high this year.


Tricky because of their length, culottes have been borrowed from the 50s. They have then undergone a few procedures to fit the urban clothing mandate, and have given the world one of the best summers wears till date. Though like mentioned, the length of the culottes can vary from high to low; the choice of it much depends on the height of the person wearing it. Also, the use of a vivid palette has made them this sought after.

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Just like the trench coat variation, capes have been doing pretty well too. Closely resembling a poncho, capes are more versatile in their appeal. The ones that come in earthy colors are specifically innovative in their approach. They are perfect for a layered appearance, regardless of the season.

Thus, it has been quite an eventful half year. The above-mentioned fashion pieces are brilliant and stunning and justify their presence in the closets. Reputed apparel manufacturers in San Diego have all the pieces in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers at discounted prices.

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