Essential Camping Gear for Children


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Based on a psychological study, our short term memory can hold up to only maximum of seven items. But the check list of a camping trip contains items a lot more than that. When you’re taking your children to the camping trip make sure that you set a list for them so that they know what they are packing and taking back from the trip. In case of older children, always double check the products to ensure that they are carrying everything that is needed. Retailers will find wholesale childrens clothing distributors who are manufacturing certain clothes that are suitable for a camping trip. Some of the essential belongings of a fun and adventurous camping trip is given below in the blog.

Vital clothing pieces

Always make sure that the children pack weather appropriate clothing. You have to keep in mind that the temperature typically drops at night, and if you’re sleeping outside (even in a tent), you’ll probably be much cooler hence, Children should pack sweatshirts and sweatpants for cooler nights. Avoid flip-flops or other open-toe shoes. Not only are these types of shoes dangerous in the woods but wearing socks with closed-toe shoes prevents insect bites on feet. If children are going to be hiking, pack hiking boots.

Proper bedding requirements

The bedding taken for a camping trip should also be reflective of the weather. If your family is travelling from a hot to an extremely cold weather, carry sleeping bag that are specially insulated so that it keeps the body warm while you’re asleep. Bring extra blankets or sleeping bags in case if someone gets cold or the sleeping bag gets dirty or wet.

Essential Toiletries

Even if camping trip is all about being rough and rustic, in spite of that your children needs to maintain basic hygiene so that they don’t get sick or smelly. Make sure that they pack toothbrush and a tooth paste, hand sanitizers( force them to use it often) as it will keep their hands germ free. Don’t forget the sunblock and the insect repellent and a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner is better for quick showers.

Resourceful activity kit

Don’t expect that the moment you reach the camping site your children will find a flurry of activities for themselves. Getting adjusted to the place takes time plus the nights can’t be spent wandering around in the woods. Hence don’t forget to pack some kind of activity kit for them, it can include things like a coloring book, binoculars, card game, nature journal, inexpensive digital camera, etc.

One of the best clothing manufactures in Atlanta are specialized in the production of camping apparel for kids. Retailers can shoot a mail to the customer care department of the concerned wholesaler and let them know about the bulk needs.

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