The Global Market Trends of Wholesale Kidswear: A Brief Report of 2018


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Did you know that one of the fastest growing categories in apparel and footwear is the kidswear market? The gradual infiltration of mainstream fashion trends into children’s clothing genre has become one of the major reasons that drive this growth and digital retailing has been opening new opportunities for consumers to shop conveniently for their little ones. This clothing market is ready to surpass every other category in apparel and footwear and will continue to do since till 2019 at least. No more are the parents trusting on getting second hand and old clothes for their babies rather the paradigm shift of buying new clothes in more numbers has been a noteworthy one. This market transformation is due to the rise of safety conscious consumers who focus on quality more, and hence go for the branded and high-end new clothes for the little ones!

We bring in some of the major trends of global wholesale kidswear market that is surfacing today and is here to stay or rather become more evident in the coming years.

The kidswear genre evolves from comfort to fashion forward

The parents once prioritized only on clothes for babies and kids that are comfortable and made of high quality fabrics, preferably cotton. But today, they are leaving no stone unturned to turn their little ones into ultimate fashionistas, and the children’s clothing is evolving into trend-led products. The renowned brands have churned out clothes that are adapted by replicating adult designs in smaller sizes for the children clothing section. The “mini-me approach” of the parents has forced the kids clothing market to churn out the amazing clothes that speak superior of both comfort and style striking the perfect balance.

The tech savvy parents

The bygone days witnessed how parents lacked the time and energy to shop at the brick mortar stores with children back at home. But today, the busy parents can balance their work and personal life easily and also shop for their kids quite effortlessly through the internet. The online retail stores offer a convenient and quick shopping experience to the parents, and this is how the purchase of kids clothing has increased tremendously in the last five years. Also, the parents are hugely affected by the cute pictures of dressed up children on the social media platforms, and they try their best to fit into the “mini-me” trend and deck up the munchkins in the best possible ways.

The impact of young celebs on the kidswear market

The parents are also in a way highly impressed and inspired by the way the celeb kids dress up for various occasions. The celeb kids have definitely become public figures today and form princess Charlotte to Harper Beckham, everyone looks stunning! The retailers and wholesale giants quite thoroughly study their looks and recreate their clothes through their collections that influence the choices of parents as well.

The no gender style choice

The most amazing and wow worthy trends in this market has to be the upsurge of unisex and gender-neutral collections. No more are the retailers stereotyping the girls with pink and boys with blue outfits. This has forced parents to take a sneak peek into the collections of urban-inspired gender-neutral kidswear, and they are quite loving them!

The organic clothing essentials

Though once parents only focused pretty much on the clothing items for munchkins made from corn fibers, and today this has become more luxurious and fascinating. The parents are indulging and investing more in the sustainable and organic clothing items that are made of natural fabrics like bamboo.

Thus, with the gradual interest of wholesale clothing Australia manufacturers to invest in the kidswear market has opened new gates for this industry. Independent kidswear brands are coming up, and mainstream fashion market if putting a lot of effort in creating quirky, comfortable and high-end fashion statements for the toddlers.

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