How To Dress Like The Bad Boy


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Bad boys - we all have the idea who they are, confidence and sexuality oozes off them, the I couldn’t care less attitude these men have is what women want and men can’t have. This man breed has existed forever and they are mostly heart breakers, yet find new ones to play with! The attitude comes from within, but can be expressed externally by wearing the right clothes. Bad boys refrain from wearing just about anything, they usually wear clothes that brings out the inner badness from them. Wearing it effortlessly is the key! In this blog you will see the clothes you can wear to make it look like a bad boy outfit!

Things you will need:
  1. Tee shirt
  2. Denims or chinos 
  3. Boots
  4. Jackets(leather, denim)
  5. Accessories

T shirt

T shirts are very simple clothing items, before shooting into popularity t shirts were worn mostly as undershirts. It was James Dean who took this look to a new height. If you want to pull off the bad boy look you can try the classic white and layer it with a denim or a leather jacket. Try sticking to plain colors and try to maintain this throughout. Don’t get too experimental on them.


 It is not completely true that bad boys only wear denims, chinos can be used as much. And if you are wearing khakis with this then you can pair simple t shirts on top and create a carefree cool look in less than no time. Make sure you are wearing colors which are not so outrageous or bold, stick to softer tones, it will look very balanced.


 James Dean, the bad boy personified, mostly was seen wearing a watch with a black leather strap. This sort looks very neat and an innate part of the bad boy uniform. You can wear bracelets with your tee-jacket combo while owning it completely. Bracelets are considered feminine, so bad boys make it a point to wear it only to make sure people know that they don’t care about what the society thinks.

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