Sublimation Clothing: The Ideal Option for Sports and Fitness Wear


Dye sublimation is a process of printing on fabrics and it is regarded as the best quality, most durable option. In this technique, the ink is fused with the fabric as opposed to sitting on top and results in giving the fabric a softer, smoother tough and better finish. As the color and the print remains strong even after intense exposure to outdoor lighting and vigorous washing, it is considered as the ideal option for sports and fitness apparel and accessories.
sublimation clothing wholesale

Hi-tech Fabrics
Athletes and fitness freaks require clothes that do not restrict their movement or hinder their performance rather boost and enhance it. The dye sublimation process uses only the best lycras and polyesters that are performance-oriented fabrics with features like moisture wicking and breathability. Sublimated clothing retains the features of the materials and fabrics and allows designers and manufacturers to incorporate style and fashion into the world of fitness and sports.

Let the Creative Juices Flow
Wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers using the dye sublimation process offers retailers, business owners and all other bulk buyers unlimited design and color options at affordable rates. No matter what style or design of clothes you want to sell or want your sports team players to wear, the manufacturers will offer you with bespoke services to fulfill all your requirements. The unique and modern sublimation process allows for limitless design possibilities.

No Crack or Peel
Athletes or fitness freaks are bound to sweat after intense physical workout and most of them might also be required to remain out in the sun for long hours. The print in wholesale sublimation clothing does not crack or peel off even in strong outdoor lighting and neither does it lose its sheen and charm after repeated washing. The print and the color remain intact for years to come.

If you are the coach of a sports team or a retailer trying to woo customers, purchasing sublimation clothing wholesale from well-known supplier and wholesaler would help you to rise above your competition. 

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