3 Dressing Rule for Full Figure Women That is A Total Farce


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Rules! They can be good to control the crowd, but when it comes to fashion, rules really don’t seem to apply. But if you are blessed with a full figure, have curves to flaunt, one or two of them might have been applied to you. Annoyed by all the restrictions placed on you? Here is how you can break the shackles of the farce and step into a world of fashion that is free and that is liberating.

# 1 Old rule: The baggier your clothes, the better it is

New rule: Wear body-hugging clothes if you wish to

The old rule has been around long enough, and it is changing fast enough as well. It was believed that baggy clothes would hide all the imperfections, but on the contrary, hiding under yards of fabric is stupid and only makes you look larger. Bulk can never be great for anyone, so there is no basis for this particular rule, and now with plus size wholesale clothing manufacturers designing clothes that flatter every curve, it is time to rule it for once and for all.

#2 Old rule: No need to follow trends, stick to the basics

New rule: Follow as many trends as you want to

If athleisure looks good on you, why not be a part of the bandwagon. As long as the clothing combination you are opting for floats your boat, wear it. You do what your heart pleases. No one should dictate what is right or wrong for you. Find the correct fabric for that is all that matters. Stretchable and breathable, these are the two qualities you should be aiming for, and rest, the trend is for everyone, enjoy it to the fullest.

#3 Old rule: You should always wear dark colors

New rule: You should wear the entire color palette

Dark colors make you look thin, light colors, well, that is a no-no. This is the single biggest lie anyone has ever said to you. Colors have nothing to do with making you look thin or fat; it is the fit of the clothes. If you pick the right pieces, no matter what shade they are in, it is bound to make you look like a diva. Be it subtle undertones or vibrant extravagance, you can opt for anything as long as you can carry it off with a panache unmatched.

The biggest rule here is to ignore all the rules. There is NO RULE. It is all about comfort and fashion. you are beautiful just the way you are. Wholesale plus size clothing can be purchased by the retailers in bulk from coveted manufacturers at a discounted price. 

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