How To Properly Dress For Basketball


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Dressing up to play basketball is quite simple. Sporting clothes that fit steadily but hang loose enough to let a broad range of motion will aid you to carry out moves more effectively during training. On the other hand, when joining pickup games, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind if you want to steer clear of insulting or annoying fellow players.

When Dressing for Training

Sport loose-fitting clothes when dressing for practice. Pick bottoms and tops that fit cozily enough so that they don’t become snarled or slip off during play. At the same time, keep away from tight clothes that restrict movement. Dress in clothes that let you a free range of movement. In perfect weather or indoors, sport the following:

A singlet, jersey or t-shirt that isn’t binding. Favor sleeveless tops to let your arms the maximum freedom of motion.

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When Playing in Colder Weather

Use combos of warm-ups, thermals, long-sleeve t-shirts, and/or sweat wear. Give yourself the capability to tweak to sudden variations in weather by adding layers or stripping as needed. Avoid restrictive outerwear like bulky hoodies, jackets, and coats, which might weigh you down and confine movement.

If you sport several layers at once, pick a larger size than usual for your outermost layer. Accommodate the bigger girth made by all the layers beneath so you can still move with no or little hindrance.

For extremely cold weather, sporting a tighter than usual article of clothing as your firs layer will aid trap body heat for effectively.

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