Hottest Trends In Tennis Apparels You Can Sport This Year


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Fashion has always been a part of tennis. From Andre Agassi’s legendary outfits to Bjorn Borg’s famous white shorts and headband, tennis fashion continues to inspire fashionistas. If you are a retailer with the goal of broadening your tennis clothes section, connect with one of the top-notch Chicago wholesale clothing distributors with an expansive sportswear catalog.

Pleated Skirt

For you ladies, the pleated skirt is that iconic tennis apparel trend you can wear anytime. This tennis outfit trend started to blossom last season and now is all the more prominent as beautiful collections have come up. A pleated skirt is a must-have for you this year and it is winning hearts even outside the tennis world.

Polo Shirts

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Polo shirts look admirable on both men and women. If you are a tennis fan, you can wear a neatly tucked in classic polo t-shirt just in time for Wimbledon and have some strawberries and cream.

Vibrant Contrasting Colors

Lately fashion trends in tennis are focussing on mixing of unusual combination of hues for creating unique and captivating color contrasts. For instance, the unexpected combination of light brown, white and black created quite a stir in the Australian Open this year. You can try out such rare combos and striking color mix-ups to look stunning.

Keeping In Mind Court Color

If you are playing on a green tennis court, a classic white tennis outfit can work well for you, symbolizing your respect for the game. You can sport pleated skirts and polo shirts but try to avoid green in your clothing. 

Playing on a red court grants you the chance to wear bold and bright-colored tennis apparel. You can choose outfits in bright and contrasting shades or in unique color combos to impress your opponent even before you hit the first shot.

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A chic and fashionable tennis outfit is just what you need to display your strength and vigor on the court as well as outside of it. As a retailer if you want to stash up your tennis outfits collection, you must get in touch with one of the reputed tennis clothing suppliers. The diverse and impressive tennis outfits of such a trending supplier can make your tennis apparel stock phenomenal.

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