3 Outfit Combinations Using The Staple in Your Wardrobe


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Summer! The season that makes us happy and sad at the same time! We are talking about clothes just by the way! Summers can be difficult to dress as bringing comfort and style on the same ground seems like a monumental task. However, you don’t have to go too far to style up. All you need is one good look in your wardrobe. If you don’t believe it, read the article.

Long sleeved shirt and shorts

There is a reason to not like summers. So many inhibitions and you can't walk around wearing anything you think is feasible. But wait what if you learn about the best summer duo that is there in your closet right now? A long sleeved shirt and shorts! And the combination is simple too- just wear them together. A pair of loafers is again the best choice for footwear. Trade in for darker colors (for both the pieces) and showcase your nonchalance stylish summer side.

Polo shirt and chinos

This look has been popularized so much over the last few seasons that it only makes sense that you can’t go around without giving it a try. Pick a polo shirt in dark hue and complement it with a light pair of chinos (or you might just go the other way around as well). White plimsolls and a killer attitude, you know you are golden. Wholesale clothing manufacturers have a bunch of chinos and polos assembled in their inventory that can be purchased by the retailers likewise.

T-shirt and jeans with a blazer

A jean and a t-shirt is the perfect summer sartorial combination you can think of. Both are supremely comfortable and have an affinity to provide immense style hacks. But with the entire smart-casual frenzy on a roll, it only makes sense to throw over an unstructured blazer to achieve that devilishly handsome impact. You can wear a pair of loafers to complete your appearance. Just a point to remember, make sure to use soft materials for the blazer if you don’t want to turn into a sack of boiled potatoes.

Thus, all of it seems easy. You probably have these staple items in your closet already. Just use them wisely and you will be golden for the rest of the summer. If you are a retailer looking to make a bulk purchase of these clothes, wholesale clothing distributors have them in bundles. Special offers can be availed as well.

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