All About Classic Brogue Shoes And How To Spot Quality Ones


Wholesale Brogue Shoe

Brogue shoes known for their plush and designer styled look are one of the most elegant footwear across the West. These low-heeled shoes crafted with traditional genuine leather have become a popular fashion choice for fashion-forward men and women. If you have a thing for polished look, brogues are your must-have. 

If you are a retailer on the lookout for stylish brogues, connect with a promising apparel manufacturer right away. The colossal inventory of such a manufacturing hub is sure to include brogues, designer suits for men, jackets, coats and other fashionwear and accessories for men and women.

Features And Types of Brogue Shoes

Brogue shoes usually have decorative designs on their front side and come with an open lacing system. If the wingtips come with W or M shaped wing extensions, they are called full brogues. These are ideal for semi-formal occasions and you can wear them to parties. Formal-looking brogue shoes that have long wings wrapped in full length are called longwing brogue shoes. You can also find semi or half brogues that usually lack wings or extensions. Quarter brogues with broguing only near the cap at the edge are perfect for casual look.

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How to Make The Perfect Brogue Choice?

Having originated in England and Scotland, brogue shoes are now quite popular across the world among both genders. But you need to spot quality brogue shoes that fit well to feel comfortable.

  • Select a brogue shoe that is excellent in quality and has a good design rather than settling for a low-priced one.
  • Check the quality of leather. Whether the brogue is made out of genuine full-grain leather or not will determine its quality and comfort.
  • Do check the edges of leather and shoes. You can understand it is not the original brogue if there is a wet blue or concealing tip around. 
  • Further, check the sole and stitching. Ensure it is not a causal rubber sole as original brogues or dress shoes never attach them. 

Being a retailer with an eye for classy brogue shoes, a tip is for you is to contact one of the celebrated wholesale clothing distributors with an impressive accessories inventory.

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